Megan Fox Says Machine Gun Kelly Handled His Grammy Loss With ‘Grace’ + ‘Maturity’

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Among the records fighting for “Best Rock Album” at this year’s Grammys, Machine Gun Kelly‘s latest studio album, Mainstream Sellout, was one of the nominees.

However, Machine Gun Kelly ended up losing the win to Ozzy Osbourne‘s Patient Number 9. That said, the pop-punk artist handled his loss with “grace and maturity” per his fiancee Megan Fox.

Per an Instagram post of hers, Fox expressed how proud she was of Colson Baker (the legal name of Machine Gun Kelly) in how he handled his Grammy loss. Per Fox’s post, this is everything she had to say:

“Congratulations on being in the very small percentage of artists who have received a Grammy nomination.

“You have handled this process with a grace and maturity that I haven’t seen from you before and I’m so proud of you.

“Watching you walk in humility and gratitude, watching you grow into yourself and become a better man is an immeasurably more satisfying experience than watching you accept an award.

“Although those will come… and this is irrelevant I guess but I will just never ever get over how beautiful your face is.

“I hope one day you’ll see yourself the way I see you. I love you and I’ll keep this memory of you forever”

As some folks have seen, Machine Gun Kelly is an artist who can lash out there and then if he is not in a good mood; however, it seems that Baker is making an effort to reevaluate himself and practice acts of self-compassion.

Among the points that Fox expresses in her post, it is super cool that the dude was even nominated for a Grammy to begin with. Congratulations on the nomination MGK, and good on you for taking the loss maturely.

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