Journey’s Singer is So Fed Up With the Band That He Wants Them to Fire Him

Arnel Pineda Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images
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The drama taking place in Journey is getting to band singer Arnel Pineda; in fact, he has gotten so fed up with all the drama that he seems to be fine with the idea of getting fired from Journey.

As reported by Loudwire, there has been an ongoing legal dispute between Journey members Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain.

During this dispute, Schon has been vocal about his desire to have the band’s original keyboardist Gregg Rolie back in Journey.

On their joint Facebook account, Schon’s wife posted a message about bringing Rolie back to the band, and among the comments she expressed, she wrote:

“TWO BAND MEMBERS of the Journey current LINE UP ARE ‘adamant NO’ against Gregg Rolie to return.”

Schon’s wife went on to talk about how precious life is while advocating for Rolie’s return to Journey. Due to this post, Pineda started getting comments from folks; in response to these comments, the singer posted the following tweet:

you people are unbelievable… whoever’s spreading rumor about me regarding the #GregRollie issue?are maliciously not gonna stoop down to your level..”

A few days later, Pineda went on to post another tweet, this one reflecting his frustrations with the band. Per this tweet, this is where he speaks about the idea of being fired.

“i’m with the band to sing the legacy..if some of them are tired of me being with them,with all means,they can fire me anytime.. and don’t lecture me about spiritual BS..#walkthetalk”

He also posted the following:

all i know? is #ivepaidmydues so stop reminding me where i came from..coz it’s in my heart everyday.. you just don’t pay not a a human being like anybody else..#wrongiswrong #rightisright that simple..”

What do you make of the drama taking place in Journey?

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