Watch: German Audience Cheers Lizzo For Singing Rammstein During Concert

Till Lindemann Photo by Simone Cecchetti/Corbis via Getty Images / Lizzo Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images
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During a recent concert of hers that took place in Hamburg, Germany, pop star Lizzo surprised her audience by singing the Rammstein classic “Du Hast.”

Lizzo is a Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, and she is one of the most talented artists working in pop music right now. Her latest studio album is 2022’s Special.

It is always a great surprise to see when the worlds of metal and pop cross over into one another; Lizzo and Rammstein are two musical acts you may not immediately associate with one another, but the pop star had a blast singing the song to her crowd.

In the video, Lizzo sings a little bit of Rammstein’s “Du Hast,” projecting an intense voice while also dancing. If you want to check out this video for yourself, you can find it below.

Folks who have already checked out Lizzo singing “Du Hast” have been blown away by her performance. You can find some of those reactions below as well.

It would be incredible to hear Lizzo perform a full version of the Rammstein song – maybe she could even give the industrial instrumentation a pop makeover (that would be super awesome).

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