Frozen Soul, One of Modern Death Metal’s Best Bands, Drops New Song Produced by Trivium’s Matt Heafy

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Texas bone chillers, Frozen Soul, made one of our favorite albums of 2021 with their fantastic debut LP, Crypt Of Ice.

Thankfully, they’re back to rip our heads off again with the news that the release of their second full-length album, Glacial Domination, is imminent.

Crypt Of Ice got the attention of Trivium’s Matt Heafy to the point that he raised his hand to produce the new full-length along with Daniel Schmuck. If you’re wondering if that outside influence will have any negative impact on their sound, worry not.

The new single ‘Morbid Effigy’ features Dying Fetus legend John Gallagher, and can be heard below – it fucking slaps. Here’s what the band had to say about the track:

“‘Morbid Effigy’ is straight to the point death metal that’s exactly what it should be – fun. This song is everything Frozen Soul is, and we are so excited for everyone to hear it! The video is truly a work of art, literally. Have you ever wondered what a snowman would look like made out of guts?”

Check out Glacial Domination’s tracklist below along with the bruising new single. Make sure to pre-order the album here if you like what you hear (or were already converted to the church of frost). It drops May 19.


“Invisible Tormentor”
“Arsenal Of War”
“Death And Glory”
“Morbid Effigy”
“Glacial Domination”
“Frozen Soul”
“Best Served Cold”
“Atomic Winter”

Listen to New Frozen Soul Song ‘Morbid Effigy’ Featuring Dying Fetus’ John Gallagher