For $6,000 Gene Simmons Will Record a KISS Song With You

Gene Simmons Photo by Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images
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If you are a hardcore KISS fan, how does the idea of spending a day with Gene Simmons and recording a KISS song with him sound?

Well if that is something you have really been wanting to do, such an opportunity is on the horizon, and it will only cost you… $5,995? What the fuck?

Yes, that’s right – for just a little short of $6,000, Simmons will not only record a KISS song with you, but he will also tell you stories about his life and give you personal items from his KISS collection.

Over on his Twitter, Simmons has shared that, come July 10th, fans can take part in an experience where they can record a KISS song with him; this experience will be held at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, where The Beatles recorded their music.

Per his post on Twitter, Simmons says:

“July10th, Abbey Road Studios, London, England…Record with me at the home of The Beatles. This amazing event is only open to a select number of you. Be there.”

Let alone that $6,000 is already a LOT of money, there are also other costs that some folks may need to keep in mind for such an experience.

If you don’t happen to live in London and you are a fan from the States, there is also then the cost of purchasing plane tickets (and possibly even needing to pay for a place to sleep if you don’t intend on flying in and out the same day).

What do you make of this offer? Do you think it’s worth the $6,000 price tag? To learn more about this experience and what you would be getting, follow this link here.

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