Ex-Megadeth Guitarist Says Dave Mustaine Is a ‘Pathological Liar’

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Ex-Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young is not a fan of band frontman Dave Mustaine. During a recent conversation with MisplacedStaws.com, Young talked about how Mustaine can “barely” play the band’s older material.

During that same conversation, Young also called out Mustaine for being a “pathological liar.” The big reason behind Young’s statement has to do with Mustaine blaming him for Megadeth’s 1989 So Far, So Good… So What! Australian tour being canceled.

Young cites a YouTube video where Mustaine claims that the ex-Megadeth guitarist ran out of heroin and canceled the tour, saying that Mustaine’s claims are false. Speaking about his frustration with Mustaine, and explaining his straight-edge lifestyle, Young shares the following:

“That’s what a pathological liar does. Are you talking about the YouTube video where he says I ran out of heroin in Japan and canceled the Australian tour? Yeah, I’ve been owning him in the media ever since he’s done that.

“If Pinocchio has a brother, you know what I’m saying. I was a straight edge when I went in that band and I never drank, I didn’t smoke pot, to fit in, I kind of tried to hang with those guys a little bit, but he was the one that canceled that tour.

“That’s why I left the band because early on, being a straight edge and three nights in the guitar tech gets arrested in East LA score and heroin from Mustaine, and he doesn’t show up to the studio that night and the drummer tells you, you realize, ‘Okay, Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore’.

“I made a pact with myself, I can remember the exact sentence I said in that moment at the Music Grinder studio when I found out the news, I said, the first thing I literally said was, ‘Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore’, and the second thing was, ‘I’m gonna stay in the situation as long as it’s healthy for me’, which you see exactly how long that duration was.”

What do you make of Young’s statement about Mustaine being a “pathological liar”?

Below you will find a link to the story regarding Young’s comments pertaining to Mustaine’s alleged struggle to play Megadeth’s older songs.

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