Ex-Deathcore Musician Started a Career For Herself in Pop + Became a Boxer

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It is jarring to imagine a deathcore musician eventually leaving the genre and starting a career for themselves as a pop star. On top of that, imagine said artist also becoming a boxer.

A pop star who is a boxer? That’s super rad. Well, that is the case for ex-Winds of Plague member Alana Potocnik. Potocnik was part of the deathcore band from 2009 to 2017, acting as their keyboardist. Along with touring with the band, she took part in helping to create the following studio albums: Against the World (released in 2011) and Resistance (released in 2013).

After leaving Winds of Plague, Potocnik still had the itch to create music, and eventually, she began creating her own tunes.

As reported by Metal Injection, Potocnik creates pop music under the name “Alaena.” Her music makes for an exciting concoction of bubbly pop vibes, along with touches of rock and industrial metal tones.

Per her Spotify page, 2016 marks the release of her single “Black Magic,” and since then, it appears she has primarily released singles. You can hear a couple of these singles below.

But of course, pop music isn’t the only thing that Potocnik has been focusing on, because as of recently, she’s also gotten into boxing.

On her Instagram, alongside promoting her pop music, Potocnik has posted photos and videos pertaining to her boxing career.

Per these photos and videos, you can see her throw down with another boxer. You can find a recent post of hers pertaining to her boxing below.

Potocnik has gone on to live quite an interesting life – from deathcore keyboardist to pop star and boxer. That is impressive, to say the least. Speaking of Winds of Plague, did you grow up a fan of their music?

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