Dino Cazares: Metal Fans are Hypocrites For Hating Kardashians Wearing Band Shirts

Chris W. Braunschweiger, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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A non-metal celebrity wearing a metal t-shirt can sometimes get under the skin of some folks; for the likes of Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares though, he has a “more the merrier” mentality and also sees the benefit in celebrities rocking metal tees.

During a past conversation on the Punk Rock MBA Podcast, Cazares was asked about his response to Kourtney Kardashian wearing a Cannibal Corpse shirt (for context, Cazares was very supportive of her wearing the shirt).

While the guitarist understands why some folks in the metal community might be upset by non-metal celebrities wearing metal merch, he feels such representation is more of a positive thing. Per Cazares (as transcribed by The Pit):

“I do understand that people feel like this is their band, their music, their genre, and when somebody else who is not part of the genre and probably doesn’t know much about the genre is wearing their shirt, they seem to kind of get offended. I understand you know? It’s kind of funny because, you know, people who are in the metal genre, especially when I was in school, we were looked down upon.

“They judged us for what we were wearing, the t-shirts we were wearing, the music we were listening to, the people who we hung out with, the stoners, you know what I mean?

“And people looked down on us, and I understand that some people are still going through that now. But who are we to judge? We shouldn’t be the ones judging them for what they wear.”

Cazares went on to say, “If you really look at it, the Kardashians have probably worn more metal shirts than I’ve ever worn. I’m talking the Kardashians as a whole, [they’ve worn] Slayer, Metallica, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel [shirts].

Cazares adds, “Why not help the genre? If [Kourtney] is wearing a Cannibal Corpse shirt and it gets five people who never heard of Cannibal Corpse into it, great.”

The Fear Factory guitarist also shared that he would love to see a non-metal celebrity wear some of his band’s merch (claiming he would share news of that everywhere he could).

You can check out the full conversation involving Cazares below. What do you make of non-metal celebrities wearing metal t-shirts? Do you think it is more of a positive thing (like how Cazares looks at it)?

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