David Draiman: Sam Smith Put on a Show Like GWAR at Grammys

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Disturbed singer David Draiman recently praised singer Sam Smith for their recent performance at the Grammys.

For those unaware, Smith, along with Kim Petra, performed their song “Unholy” and brought an incredible level of theatrical flair to their performance. Taking to Twitter, Draiman said that “[… Sam Smith] just set the bar for EVERYONE last night.”

More recently, Draiman was featured on an episode of 102.9 The Hog radio station’s The Afternoon Program and spoke about how amazed he is by Smith’s performance. He even mentions how Smith’s level of spectacle is something that has been missing from bands in metal. (The following quotes were transcribed by Metal Injection).

Draiman says he “was pretty blown away by Sam Smith’s spectacle. That was impressive. That’s kind of what certain parts of what we do in our genre have been missing for many bands, and even [Disturbed] at certain points in time.”

He then went on to talk about how Smith’s level of theatricality plays into a rock and roll spirit, and how Smith has found a way to “push people’s buttons.”

“That element of danger, that element of, ‘Here’s my middle finger. I’m putting it right in the camera for all of you, and doing this because I know it’s going to get a rise out of everyone. And that’s exactly why I’m doing it the way I’m doing it.’ And that’s rock and roll. Whether people recognize it or not, that is it — that is it. It’s impressive to see people push the envelope.”

Draiman went on to add, “How much different is that in its own way, and in its own style and flavor and flair, than what Motley Crue has done for years? Or what a band like… Let’s go to the real opposite end of the spectrum, a band like GWAR and what they do.

“It’s a show, and they’re putting on a show, and they’re just figuring out a different way to piss people off and push people’s buttons. And [they] found it. And good on [them], man, ’cause [laughs] more people need to be pushing more buttons in a way that pisses more people off. People are almost begging for it at this point.”

What do you make of Draiman’s points? Do you agree that Sam Smith’s performances embrace the rock and roll spirit?

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