Dave Grohl Spent 16 Hours Cooking Over 450 Meals For The Homeless

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Foo Fighters singer and guitarist Dave Grohl is, without a doubt, one of the most wonderful people on the planet.

Grohl is a person who inspires through his art and kindness, and per a recent report from TMZ, the Foo Fighters frontman took on a recent job that is truly a testament to his loving and tremendous heart.

Recently, at The Hope Mission in Los Angeles, Grohl worked overnight with a team to prepare BBQ meals for the homeless; he arrived with his own gear and a meat smoker.

Per this report, the Foo Fighters frontman worked for a total of 16 hours – 14 of which were for cooking, and two involving meat resting.

Through his efforts, Grohl ended up preparing some 500 meals for the homeless. That is nothing short of remarkable, and truly a beautiful act on Grohl’s part.

Per TMZ, they were told that Grohl covered all expenses involving this prep himself.

Singer-songwriter Ricky Davila took to Twitter and provided some photos showing off Grohl’s work, and he wrote the following:

“The amazing Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters volunteered with The Hope Mission in LA and cooked BBQ for 16 hours serving just about 500 meals to the homeless as well as paid all expenses to make it possible. I love stories like this.”

As both an artist and a person in general, Grohl is a tremendous inspiration. He is truly a gift in this world that brings so much light and happiness into people’s lives.

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