Watch: Bruce Springsteen Gets Metal and Accidentally Decks Tech With Guitar

Bruce Springsteen throws guitar, hits guitar tech in head Atlanta 2/3/2023: Darrin Lightner, YouTube / Bruce Springsteen throws guitar, nobody catches it: Michael Casagrande, YouTube
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Legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen is currently on the road with his E-Street Band. Recently, Springsteen and the band performed in Atlanta, GA, and it was during this stop that an unfortunate accident took place.

As reported by Loudwire, at one point during the band’s performance, Springsteen threw his guitar into the air and toward his guitar tech Kevin Buell.

It’s probably very safe to assume that Springsteen threw the guitar with the hope that Buell would catch it; however, the rocker may have tossed it with a little too much force.

Per fan-filmed footage of this incident, you will see Springsteen turning away from the audience and facing Buell. He takes his guitar and throws it in the air to the tech.

You will then see that Buell puts out his arms in an effort to catch said guitar; alas, things did not go smoothly.

The guitar tech ends up getting knocked in the head by said guitar and falls to the ground.

While this makes for a startling moment, Springsteen does not seem all that concerned. He makes his way over to the tech and makes sure he is okay. Once he sees that Buell is okay, Springsteen returns to his microphone stand.

It is good to see that Buell is ultimately okay but damn what a hell of a moment. If you want to check out footage of this incident for yourself, you can do so via the two videos below.

Besides Springsteen, there are loads of artists who have had some kind of on-stage accident; these accidents range from small slip-ups to brutally severe situations.

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