Bring Me the Horizon Fans Have Been Emailing The Wrong ‘Oli Sykes’

Achim Raschka, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Throughout the years, many fans have made attempts to reach out to Bring Me the Horizon singer Oli Sykes; back in 2008, an email was located online for one “Oli Sykes,” and thanks to this address, loads of fans started sending emails to the frontman.

However, the thing is, this email address doesn’t belong to the Bring Me the Horizon singer. It actually belongs to children’s author Oliver Sykes.

Per an editorial posted by, Sykes (the author), wrote about his experience getting emails from Bring Me the Horizon fans.

He mentions that around the time he created his email address, “,” the band had released their album Suicide Season.

Sykes says that his email started to get flooded with folks saying how much they liked the band’s album; among those emails, he also found some very personal messages.

Per Sykes, he says that some messages involved young people talking about their own suicide attempts.

In response to these young fans, Sykes replied back with the following message:

“Thank you for your message. I’m not actually the Oli Sykes that you want to contact, but I’m really sorry to hear about what you’re going through and I wish you all the best. Here’s a link to the charity, Mind.”

Sykes understands that these fans thought they were reaching out to an artist they idolized, and with that in mind, he could not take their messages lightly. Replies like the above make for a cool and respectful move on Sykes’ part; that said, he said some folks didn’t buy his reply, thinking that he was BMTH’s Oli Sykes since he was replying to them.

This is something to keep in mind though if you happen to share a name with a famous celebrity. Probably best to not make your email address coreytaylor@ or tobiasforge@.

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