Boo: Steve Vai Walks Back Earlier Comments, Says no ‘secret hidden Ozzy album’ After All


Steve Vai: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images. Ozzy Osbourne: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images
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Earlier this week, the collective heavy metal internet lost their goddamn minds when guitar legend Steve Vai dropped a casual bombshell in an interview that he and Ozzy Osbourne made an album together in the 90’s during some Ozzmosis recording sessions that never saw the light of day:

“Ozzy and I got carried away because we were having a lot of fun, and we ended up recording a lot of stuff. And then we started scheming; “hey, let’s make a new record!”, and all that was fine and good, and we got excited about it until the hammer came down, and they basically said; “what are you doing?

No, you’ve just got to take a song from Vai and finish your record. We’re already into it for this much money, and Vai is expensive”, so it worked out perfect, really.”

When asked incredulously by the interviewer: “So you ended up doing a whole album with Ozzy?!, Vai responded:

“Yeah, one of the songs was ‘Danger Zone’… There was some real, real heavy stuff because, as I mentioned, I used an octave divider on everything, and that’s was a conscious effort.”

As delicious as this all sounded, Steve has since taken to his Facebook to clarify that there sadly is no secret finished record after all:

“In a recent interview I spoke a bit carelessly about “Sitting on an entire Ozzy album” and then the clickbait headlines went viral. To clarify, Ozzy and I got together back around 96 and spent some time trying to come up with some potential songs for an album that he already had half recorded.

That record later came out as “Ozzmosis”. We demoed a handful of tracks and then there was a bunch of tracks I built for him to check out. He ended up picking one song to use on his album and that’s “My Little Man”.

It was re-recorded with his band, and it came out great. Only one other demoed track from those sessions had an Ozzy scratch vocal on it and I handed in all the Master demo tapes to the label and kept safety tapes of the tracks I personally built. All in all, there was (is) enough music for a whole record, but those songs would require re-recording.

The demos are bumpy road maps but not the goal. I, like many Ozzy fans, would love if there was a secret hidden Ozzy album somewhere, only to be revealed to our surprised ears at a future time, but it wouldn’t come from those sessions. So sorry for the confusion.”

We think it’s fair to say that no malicious intent was meant here from any side- we all just got (justifiably so) a bit froth-mouthed at the idea that there was a heavy, unreleased Ozzy Osbourne and Steve Vai album sitting chained up on some dusty shelves of a record company storage unit somewhere.

Maybe all this hoopla just justifies the fact that the fans want to hear this, and that Steve and Ozzy should get back in the studio asap to re-record these songs!