Bam Margera’s Wife Files For Legal Separation

Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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In 2013, ex-Jackass star Bam Margera married Nicole Boyd, and four years later, they would have their first child together (whose name is Phoenix Wolf).

Though Boyd and Margera have been estranged for some time, she has still been supportive of her husband during his ongoing struggles. If you take a look over some older posts on Margera’s Instagram from the past year, you will find several photos of her, Margera, and Phoenix together.

However, as reported by TMZ, Boyd has officially filed for legal separation from Margera. As of Wednesday in L.A., Boyd filed for separation, citing “irreconcilable differences” which have led to her and Margera’s marriage falling apart.

Along with this filing, Boyd is requesting both legal and physical custody of their son but is open to allowing Margera supervised visitations.

More on this story as details arrive.

Though Margera has been battling his struggles with addiction for some time now, the past year of his life has been quite tumultuous.

A month after celebrating one year of sobriety back in 2022, Margera broke his wrist during a skateboarding accident. That same month, rumors came out that he had fled a treatment facility where he was receiving help for his struggles with addiction. His family even had to put out a statement asking his fans to put a stop to the “Free Bam Movement.”

Alongside all this, several individuals have vocalized their concern over Margera’s health. Namely, ex-HIM singer Ville Valo and Jackass star Steve-O have expressed great concerns over Margera becoming a “monster” and him “dying,” respectively. More recently, Margera made false claims about Priscilla Presley, the ex-wife of Elvis, which motivated her to call him an “unstable individual.”

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