Yet Another Member Exits Deathcore Supergroup

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Last month it was announced that a new deathcore supergroup had been formed called The Big Six.

At the time the group was announcing their debut EP, The Big Six featured: Lorna Shore member Will RamosFit For An Autopsy member Joe Badolato, Left To Suffer member Taylor Barber, Traitor member Tyler Shelton, Infant Annihilator member Dickie Allen, and Attila frontman Chris “Fronzilla” Fronzak.

However, a couple of weeks after that announcement, Fronzak confirmed that he would be leaving the deathcore supergroup.

It was a hell of a surprise to hear, given that the band had just been announced relatively not that long ago (and that they have an EP coming out). Well, on top of that news, another member of The Big Six has left.

Per the supergroup’s Instagram account, a statement has been provided regarding the exit of Fit For An Autopsy singer Joe Badolato. Per that Instagram post, The Big Six share the following:


“Unfortunately @joebad won’t be joining us moving forward 😞 But! The train never stops rollin’.

“We have someone special lined up for you guys to be our sixth! Tag who you think it is below! Your comments mean a lot to us!

“EDIT: We are currently weighing out our options to provide you guys with the best experience and get this music out to you asap! No matter what, get ready for some jams!”

So there you have it, folks, unfortunately, Badolato will no longer be part of The Big Six.

Fronzak was replaced by Darius Tehrani of the band Spite. Who do you think might replace Badolato?

Are you interested in hearing what this EP will sound like featuring all these deathcore and metalcore singers? You can find the original post from The Big Six below.

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