Who Will Replace Taylor Hawkins in Foo Fighters? Here’s 5 Top Picks

Taylor Hawkins Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images
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A few days ago, Foo Fighters made it loud and clear that despite the tragic loss of their legendary drummer, Taylor Hawkins, they will soldier on as a band.

As excited as we were to hear the news, it of course immediately begs the question- who will replace Taylor Hawkins in Foo Fighters?

Clearly, Taylor left some big shoes to fill behind the drum throne. Thankfully, though, there are plenty of killer drummers available from the world of heavy music and beyond who could take the job without having to screw over their current bandmates. Who will replace Taylor Hawkins in Foo Fighters? Here are our top five guesses.

Who Will Replace Taylor Hawkins in Foo Fighters?

5. Nandi Bushell

Nandi Bushell is the 12-year-old drum prodigy who garnered global attention in 2021 during the pandemic lockdown when Dave Grohl engaged in a pretty epic virtual drum battle with her.

She so impressed the Foo Fighters leader that she was invited to play “Everlong” with the Foos live in August 2021 while Taylor Hawkins and his son Shane watched on.

Sure, Nandi is probably the most “impractical” option on this list given her age. But, she clearly has the talent and the chops for it, and her youthful energy and sheer joy for playing drums embodies the spirit that Taylor Hawkins brought to the kit more than most drummers 4 times her age.

She’s clearly born to be a professional drummer – it’s her calling. So bring her on board and she can hit the homeschooling books on the bus and planes between gigs. ”

4. Chris Pennie (ex-Dillinger Escape Plan, ex-Coheed and Cambria)

Chris Pennie was a founding member of the technical metal gods The Dillinger Escape Plan, and easily one of heavy music’s most inventive and influential drummers of the past few decades.

Yes, the man can clearly shred. But can he rock? Don’t be fooled by his Dillinger octopus arm approach- Chris can play any style with power and finesse, even the more stripped-down rock of the Foo’s.

And for proof, look no further than when Coheed and Cambria recruited him behind the kit from 2007 – 2011. Interestingly enough, Coheed brought Pennie and Taylor Hawkins together as Taylor ended up recording the drums on Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow when a contractual obligation prevented Pennie from doing so.

Shockingly, Chris doesn’t seem to be musically active these days, so pick up that phone, Grohl, and lock the man in!

3. Aric Improta (ex-Fever 333, Night Verses)

Aric Improta is yet another criminally underrated drummer on this list. Half drummer/half human acrobat, Aric is a true showman who is destined for the stadium spotlights.

No offense to Foo Fighters, but if the guy can do a backflip between two drumsets while still keeping a beat, he can likely play “Everlong” in his sleep.

Luckily for Grohl and crew, Aric appears to be a free agent after recently departing his full-time gig in Fever 333. His band Night Verses is also killer, but they appear to be more of a part-time endeavor. If the Foo Fighters don’t snap him up, surely another household name will soon.

2. Ken Schalk (ex-Candiria, ex-Fuel)

Ken Schalk should be a household name. For our money, he’s one of the greatest heavy drummers of all time. Yup, all time. Ken is a pioneer who turned the possibilities of metal drumming on its head when he seamlessly wove jazz, prog, hardcore, death metal, and hip hop elements into the legendary Candiria.

Like Chris Pennie, Ken has also proven that he can tame the beast while still keeping powerful precision in a rock band, having served time in the band Fuel from 2010 – 2013.

Ken clearly is still playing based on the activity on his YouTube channel, but we’d have to imagine he’d make time for the biggest rock band in the world if they came a callin’.

1. Oliver Shane Hawkins

Back in September, Taylor Hawkins’ son Shane knocked everyone on their ass when he absolutely crushed “My Hero” on the kit with Foo Fighters.

Shane is the true heir to the Foo Fighters‘ drum throne. He’s clearly got the talent, he’s a part of the Foo Fighters family, and what better way for Shane and the band to honor Taylor than to have his legacy live on through the rhythm of his own son?

At 17, Shane is almost done with high school. Assuming he wants the lifestyle, really, is there a more perfect drummer to replace Taylor Hawkins in Foo Fighters?