When Marilyn Manson Bullied a Fan to Take Off Avenged Sevenfold Shirt

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According to numerous accounts, Marilyn Manson is a bully.

Earlier this year, former girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood released the documentary Phoenix Rising detailing the abuse and harm she allegedly underwent while they were together. Numerous accusations have come out accusing Manson of abusive behavior.

Back in 2017, some of that behavior made itself public when playing a show and inviting a fan up on stage at the Download festival. The way the festival was organized, Marilyn Manson was playing right before Avenged Sevenfold took the stage.

According to a Reddit post, fans in the crowd were relentlessly booing Manson, wanting Avenged Sevenfold to come on stage sooner.

Apparently, Manson grew tired of the boos, and at one point in the show invited a group of fans to join him on stage. The fan he would soon target initially tried to approach Manson for a hug, to which Manson rebuked him and told him to get with the rest of the fans invited up.

After a few moments, Manson turned toward the fan and said, “you should take your shirt off.” The fan looked taken aback, exchanging a glance with the other fans before turning back to Manson. The fan gestured at his backpack, asking if that’s what he should take off.

Manson then says,

“That’s not my band. That’s a different band.” Fans booed in response, and Manson said, “you can wear the flag as a shirt.” It’s an extremely uncomfortable moment, the fan not totally understanding what Manson means and trying to clarify, Manson one again telling him, “It’s not my band.”

Eventually, the fan takes his shirt off, covering his body with the flag, which appeased Manson, and the band started playing again.

Given everything that’s been levied against Manson in recent months, the encounter no longer feels like a strange, one-off moment of bitterness. Instead, it seems to line up with what he’s been accused of. Manson is fighting back against the accusations against him, having filed a lawsuit last March.

Watch the full incident below.

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