When James Hetfield + Fred Durst Fought Each Other… On Celebrity Death Match

Frank Schwichtenberg, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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For some of you folks, the title “Celebrity Death Match” is going to ring some nostalgic bells.

For those unaware though: Celebrity Death Match was once an adult animated show that used to run on MTV. Making its debut in 1998, the show ran through most of the early aughts and revolved around comedic (and fictional) fights featuring different celebrities.

With the show utilizing stop-motion animation, the production team came up with a variety of wacky and grotesque ways for celebrities to get their asses kicked (and this show used to get graphic).

While there is a tremendous plethora of awesome fights from the show, one that sticks out big time is when Metallica singer and guitarist James Hetfield fought Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst.

The episode starring the two metal singers aired in 2000, and like all other Celebrity Death Match episodes, featured loads of comedic bits.

Among the comments made by the show’s broadcasters, one of the funniest lines comes from when they are first introducing the Limp Bizkit frontman. Per the broadcasters:

“Fred Durst is renowned for his amazing energy. He not only sings, he also directs his band’s videos and works as a Vice President at Interscope Records. Plus, he does it all for the Nookie.”

The banter and the fight itself are hilarious as shit, and if you are in need of a good laugh, you ought to check it out. You can check out that fight below. (This video was found via the Twitter account “crazy ass moments in nu metal history”).

If you grew up watching Celebrity Death Match, what is your favorite fight? Wouldn’t it be awesome if this show was brought back? Which metal celebrities would you like to see fight each other?

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