When David Bowie Told Dave Grohl to F**k Off

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There aren’t too many rock stars who have a problem with Dave Grohl

Once Grohl got the chance to possibly collaborate with one of his idols, David Bowie didn’t have much time for him.

Before their war of words, Grohl had worked with Bowie on a one-off song and snatching his lyric sheet saying,

“As we broke down all the gear at the end of the night, I noticed his lyric sheet with the crudely drawn self-portrait at the bottom was still on the music stand. I snatched that motherfucker up faster than you can see ‘Jean Genie.’”

Although things were cordial between them, Grohl mentioned it being heated when he sent over music for Bowie to possibly write lyrics to.

Since Bowie has a certain wit, his response was a handwritten letter that read,

“Dear David, No, Love David.”

Grohl was still gracious when Bowie contacted him saying,

“I immediately responded over email saying I didn’t wanna take up any more of his time—I said, ‘Thanks for responding. I hope you’re well. Take care.’ And then one minute later, he emails back and he says, ‘Well, that’s settled then. Now f— off.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my god, holy crap, David Bowie just told me to f— off!’

While Grohl was initially crushed by Bowie’s comment, he smoothed it over by bringing up the studio date saying,

“Not knowing if he was seriously telling me to eat shit and die, I shot back something that said ‘See you in another 17 years.’ Within seconds he said ‘Not if I see you first.’”

Before Grohl knew it, he started a texting battle with the Starman saying,

“Maybe he was just testing me. I’ll try a bit of humor. ‘Well, you’re more than welcome to come to my 50th birthday party at Madison Square Garden. It’ll be at the hot dog stand out front.”

Despite having a rocky start, only Dave Grohl can turn an insult into something funny within 10 seconds.

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