When Corey Taylor Got Electrocuted on TV

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Slipknot’s stage can be a dangerous place to be if you’re not careful.

Although Corey Taylor might be ready for anything when he dons his mask, he wasn’t prepared to get electrocuted in his downtime.

While making an appearance on Tosh.0, Taylor had been asked by Daniel Tosh if he wanted to get shocked on television.

Tosh had been a fan of Slipknot and had singled out ‘Eyeless’ as one of his favorites, doing a mock version of the chorus in one of the bonus DVDs (:15).

Once Taylor made it on the show, Tosh was determined to get him on the show, with Taylor remembering (1:45),

“Between shows, he said ‘I’m growing to bring that electric box out here. I’m going to get someone in the audience to shock themselves’ while he’s looking right at me.”

Taylor wasn’t even the only metal god in attendance either saying,

Kerry King was sitting right behind me. And I said ‘if I do it, you’re going to do it right?’ But he was like ‘No fucking way man.’”

After being mocked by the audience, Taylor completed the circuit and experienced more pain than any mosh pit saying,

“The only way I could describe this pain was if someone shoved a fistful’s worth of 220 up your urethra and then flipped the switch. It was dangerously painful. I felt it in my chest and I felt my teeth click. And it was over so quick.”

In a strange form of solidarity, Tosh electrocuted himself right after Taylor.

Despite it taking a few seconds, Taylor mentions that the comedown wasn’t so easy saying,

“I spent the rest of the night clenching my fists together. Well until I went into bed, I was in bed going ‘Electricity is bullshit.’”

No matter how much mayhem Slipknot causes, nothing can prepare you for electricity like this. 

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