Watch: Orchestral Band Covers Slayer During NFL Game

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Slayer and football make for one hell of a combination, especially when the latter’s music makes its way into an NFL game.

As reported by Loudwire, during a recent Las Vegas Raiders game, the team’s in-house band decided to cover a Slayer song.

The Slayer track the band decided to cover is “South of Heaven,” which is a track off of the band’s 1988 studio album of the same name. However, rather than re-create the thrashing energy of the original song, they decided to perform an orchestral cover of it.

The Raiders’ in-house band includes 19 members, and they all did an amazing job covering the iconic Slayer tune.

You can check out the band’s cover of the Slayer track via the video player below. What are some metal songs you would love to hear get an orchestral cover?

In other Slayer-related news, Slipknot singer Corey Taylor recently shared his favorite song from the band (as well as what his favorite Slayer album is). Among the comments he shared about this particular song and album, Taylor says:

“It’s my favorite Slayer album and my favorite Slayer song. The way it starts is so epic. It just keeps building towards another intro, ya know?”

To find out what those picks are, follow the link below.

Slipknot's Corey Taylor Names His Favorite Slayer Album

Slayer called it quits back in 2019, and per ex-band guitarist Kerry King, he thinks he and the guys ended their career too early. Also, have you ever heard Metallica‘s cover of “Raining Blood”? It sounds epic as hell. And speaking of “South of Heaven,” a couple of months ago, an AI-generated music video featuring the song was released (and it is packed with sinister-looking imagery).

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