Watch: Korn’s Nu Metal Cover of Alice In Chain’s ‘Would?’ Is Incredible

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Today marks Korn singer Jonathan Davis‘ 52nd birthday. Born on January 18th, 1971, Davis helped to form the nu metal band in 1993.

Korn received tremendous recognition upon the release of their 1994 self-titled studio album; from there, the band only continued to climb the ladder in terms of popularity, not only becoming one of the biggest bands in metal but music in general.

Along with his work in Korn, Davis has gone on to act, write a movie soundtrack, and even become a DJ.

Davis has a remarkable and immediately recognizable voice, and while he has a plethora of Korn songs to prove that, one incredible performance that highlights his vocal talent is when Korn covered the Alice In Chains song “Would?”

The band covered the Alice In Chains song a few years ago at the Museum of Pop Culture’s Founders Award fundraiser. Alice In Chains is another band that saw tremendous success in the ’90s, becoming one of the biggest faces in rock and metal.

One might be curious to know how an Alice In Chains song translates into nu metal, and shockingly, it translates really well.

Well, at least if you are Korn because the band’s cover is truly incredible. The nu metal sounding instrumentals are quite catchy, and Davis’ voice is top-notch perfect for the track.

You can check out Korn’s cover of the Alice In Chains song “Would?” below.

A very Happy Birthday to Jonathan Davis <3

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