Watch: Guitar Center Employee Tackles Unruly Customer

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As reported by Barstool Sports, a since-deleted video involving an intense altercation at a Guitar Center has gone viral; this incident took place at a store located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The video first made its appearance on Reddit, with the poster of the video writing:

“A couple of my friends are on tour in Albuquerque and a guy got caught trying to steal from a Guitar Center.”

Per video footage of this incident – which has been uploaded to Twitter – you will see an individual being held onto by a Guitar Center employee; as the customer is being escorted toward the entrance of the store, he picks up an acoustic guitar near him.

As the two make their way to the entrance, the customer fights back. The Guitar Center employee then tackles the guy to the ground and the customer begins waving the guitar around.

The employee then proceeds to put the guy holding the guitar in a chokehold. Speaking to the customer he has pinned down, the employee says (as transcribed by Loudwire):

“Alright, you’re gonna leave right now, do you understand me? Do you understand me? You are leaving this store right fucking now, alright? Gonna gently let you up. Get up, get the fuck up.”

Eventually, the customer is then carried out of the Guitar Center (the employee picking them up by their belt and jacket).

Over on Reddit, underneath where the video was once posted, a user wrote the following comment (providing additional context to what took place at the store):

“I was there, just to clarify: he wasn’t thrown out for stealing. He had just assaulted an employee.”

The altercation between the two individuals is really intense. A video of this incident has been uploaded to Twitter, and you can check out that footage for yourself below.