Watch Eric Andre Lose His Mind in Zulu’s New ‘Where I’m From’ Video

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Who said powerviolence can’t be a good-ass time?

Los Angeles hardcore band Zulu has been building a name for themselves for the past several years, imbuing antiracist politics into a genre that’s long been extremely white. The result is one of the most exciting bands on the come up, earning co-signs from heavy hitters like Show Me the Body and Knocked Loose.

Their power has also gotten them the attention of supporters outside of hardcore and metal, as their new video for “Where I’m From” features comedian Eric Andre losing his mind.

On its own, the video rules, Zulu laying down their most cohesive and exciting work to date. The song still carries the extremely heavy powerviolence tilt from their earlier recordings, but with an appeal that anyone into heavy or extreme music can get into.

Eric Andre shows up midway through and goes wild in every appearance, throwing down to the song with a total frenzy in his eyes. He’s also wearing an incredible “BillHicksfFits” shirt that totally rules.

The video looks like a 90s Winamp plugin, in a good way, with low-fi video of the band and friends having a good-ass time interspersed and edited throughout.

Zulu is also joined by Soul Glo‘s Pierce Jordan and Playytime’s Obioma Ugonna. Both parties provide extra firepower on the track, boosting the band’s already ferocious vocal approach to higher highs.

This isn’t the first time Zulu received a co-sign from a prominent alt-comedian. At the end of last year, the band appeared on Tim Heidecker’s Office Hours as the house band. It was a pretty ridiculous appearance, Zulu’s powerviolence backing up Heidecker and company’s quips and weirdness. You should check it out for yourself here.

Zulu’s “Where I’m From” is off their upcoming album A New Tomorrow, which is shaping up to be a can’t-miss of the year. You can pre-order the album here from Flatspot Records.

Watch the video for “Where I’m From” below.

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