Watch: Deftones’ Chino Moreno Once Incited a Riot At a Festival

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Upon its release in 1995, critics and audiences loved DeftonesAdrenaline. The debut studio album from the California nu metal act not only further played into the public’s infatuation with the genre, but the record also elevated nu metal to new heights.

With the release of this record, the Deftones started to see a lot of love, becoming one of the decade’s most popular and significant bands.

A year after the release of Adrenaline, the band took part in the music festival UFest, a heavy metal festival that had 20,000 people in attendance. While this show was meant to be like any other fun festival, quite the opposite ended up taking place.

Per a past interview with an ex-radio promoter Darren Eggleston, a lot of people were fucked up at the festival, and the temperature had reached over 100 degrees.

Of the 10 bands performing that day, Deftones were the ninth act; but by the time they hit the stage, Deftones singer Chino Moreno was in a hell of a mood apparently.

Per a news report of what took place that day, a reporter says that multiple eyewitness accounts say Moreno ended up inciting a riot at the festival.

Also within the video, some footage was captured of the riot Moreno incited; you will find audience members storming the stage where the band is performing. This riot ended up ruining the rest of the festival, with Type O Negative – who were to go on next – not being able to perform.

The late Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele was pissed off big time by what Moreno had done; in fact, per Eggleston, Steele was so pissed that he ended up starting a fistfight with Moreno.

To learn more about the details involving the fistfight between the metal frontmen, follow the link below. You will also find the video of the UFest riot below.

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