Viral Video Claims To Show How Non-Listeners Hear Metal

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Every metal fan has dealt with friends that just don’t get it. 

Taste is subjective, and something as heavy as Slayer isn’t going to cater to the grandmas of the world. For seasoned metal fans, a recent Instagram post claimed to know what metal sounds like to outsiders.

After a disclaimer of being a surface-level view of metal, this video is a tour de force of noise.

Although the drum performance is pretty sick, the extension of the video is exactly what people would expect of the concerned parent crowd. 

Instead of screaming, the vocals are carried by a husky, a turtle, and other animals trying to talk to their owners.

While the drums are already tight as hell, the added percussion from a duck is really disorienting.

Even though this is a cacophony of noise, it’s not like it’s wrong either. 

If listeners aren’t accustomed to blast beats, the usual complaint is that it sounds like a wall of noise.

And while the duck and the drummer are playing two different tempos, this isn’t precisely Danny Carey-level complexity. 

The animal stampede might have been reacting to the sound of the drums, but this good boy is not giving Corpsegrinder a run for his money.

Despite being in jest, the drummer has serious chops behind the kit. He might start off slow, but it sounds closer to a decent metal groove toward the end. 

As funny as the post is, metal isn’t supposed to be funny all the time. 

While the blast beats might seem intense, the energy fans get from the music is the perfect outlet for aggression. 

Even if outsiders don’t get it, the metal legends are always willing to stand up for it.

As Bruce Dickinson would say,

“It’s a right of passage. It’s a celebration of community and friendship for people. The aggression is there but it’s contained and focused.”


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