Ville Valo Says Bam Margera Is Becoming a ‘Monster’

Bam Margera Photo by Barry King/FilmMagic (via Getty Images) / Ville Valo Photo by Jeff Hahne/Getty Images
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A band that has meant a lot to Bam Margera is the melodic-goth metal act HIM; not only does Margera have an HIM tattoo, but he has also directed several of the band’s music videos.

But per ex-band frontman Ville Valo himself, he and Margera have not been in touch for some time; he also feels that the ex-Jackass star is becoming a “monster.”

During a recent conversation with NME, the ex-HIM singer was asked if he keeps in touch with Margera; in his reply, Valo speaks about how concerned he is for Margera. (The following quotes were transcribed by Loudwire):

“I haven’t heard from him in a while. I think the last time around I saw him was during our last tour in the States with him, which was in 2017. We tried to contact him. … But I haven’t been able to reach out in that sense or talk to him.

“I’m hoping he feels better because he’s a nice guy. He’s a sensitive, special fellow. And it’s just sad to see that he’s turning into the monster that he’s turning into. I think I can understand some of it, but it needs to stop.”

Valo continues, “It’s not going to lead to anything better or anything beautiful. He’s got a beautiful family — both his own and then his parents [Phil and April Margera] and his brother [CKY drummer Jesse Margera] and all that stuff.

“And he’s got a lot of people that care about him. So I’m hoping he can take a break from all the extracurricular activities and concentrate on the essentials.”

What do you make of Valo’s feelings about Margera?

We send all our love to Margera as he continues his journey in sobriety. Below you will find links to other stories related to the ex-Jackass star.

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