Ville Valo Leaves The Door Open For HIM Reunion

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It was a sad day for the metal world when HIM decided to call it quits.

While Ville Valo might be doing fine with his new album Neo Noir, the thought of a reunion doesn’t seem impossible.

Valo had discussed reaching the end of the line with the band after Gas Lipstick’s departure saying,

“We found a new guy and we toured a bit. We tried to get everything to work. But it just didn’t sound as good as we wanted to. I think that we lost the spark, so to speak. And we tried to be adult about it and realized that maybe it’s just not our time.”

During a recent interview, Valo had talked about still being on good terms with the rest of the band saying,

“If there’s good reason and if there’s good timing, it’d be great. They’re great musicians and they’re great guys — we shared a lot of good things, both on a personal level and a musical level. I never say never.”

If HIM were to come back, it would have to be for the right reasons, with Valo saying,

“It’s only been a few years since we disbanded. It’s getting close to six years now. So it hasn’t been long. And I think there’s also the danger of rehashing something and messing it up royally. We ended on a high note, so that’s quite nice. At the end of the day, we did end the band for a good reason.”

When looking back, Valo also mentioned being heartbroken over HIM’s end saying,

“It was quite painful being with the band that you love to death and realize that things are not working out. No matter what you do, the love is not there anymore.”

While Valo’s solo career might be going strong these days, there might be some unfinished business to attend to later down the line.

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