Ville Vallo Reveals Why HIM Broke Up

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In 1991, Ville Valo helped to form the gothic metal band HIM. The band’s music offers melancholic, yet captivating atmospheres that exude tremendous feeling.

Throughout their career, the band released eight studio albums, with 2013’s Tears on Tape being their last record; sadly though, come 2017, the band officially announced that they would be calling it quits.

Per a recent interview with Sonic Seducer, ex-HIM frontman Ville Valo opens up about why the band decided to put an end to their career.

Speaking about how the band ultimately realized they were done, Vallo shares the following (which has been transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“It took quite a long time for us to realize that the story of HIM had ended. After [HIM’s 2013 album] ‘Tears On Tape’, Gas [Lipstick, a.k.a. Mika Kristian Karppinen], the drummer, left the band. Then we found a new guy. We toured a bit. We tried to get everything to work. But it just didn’t sound as good as we wanted to.

“I think that we lost the spark, so to speak. And we tried to be adult about it and realized that maybe it’s just not our time, because you couldn’t blame us for not trying.

“We really tried to figure out… We didn’t go to any therapy sessions — we didn’t go down the Metallica road — but we sat down long and hard and tried to figure out if there’s anything we could give the world musically and decided that it’s the perfect time to end it.”

Are you a big fan of HIM? Do you wish the band was still active?

On January 13th, Valo has a new album coming out titled Neon Noir.

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