Watch: US Military Fires an Artillery Shell Inscribed With Death Metal Band Logo

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As shared by the folks over at Loudwire, a video has been uploaded to Instagram that features the US military firing an artillery shell that is inscribed with a death metal band’s logo.

Of the many acts that exist, it is that of death metal’s very own Possessed that found their band logo inscribed on the shell.

Originally this video was uploaded to Instagram by a solider named Salvador Torres; the video ended up catching the attention of Possessed, and they liked it so much that they decided to share it as well.

When the band came across Torres’ video, they commented on his post and wrote the following:

“Coolest thing ever 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸”

Per the death metal band’s re-post of Torres’ video, they provide the following caption:

🇺🇸Field Artillery ‘Possessed’ High Explosive Artillery Round courtesy of my friend @funnel_soul Big ups to the USA Armed Forces from Possessed”

You can check out the video of the “Possessed” artillery shell being fired below. You can also find Torres’ original upload of the shell and video below as well. What do you make of the band’s logo being featured on an artillery shell?

Possessed was formed in 1983 and, among some folks, is accredited as the first death metal band. Over the course of their career, they have released three studio albums. Those studio records from the band are as follows:

Seven Churches (released in 1985), Beyond the Gates (released in 1986), and Revelations of Oblivion (released in 2019).

The band is active to this day and features the following members: Jeff Becerra (as vocalist), Emilio Márquez (as drummer), Daniel Gonzalez (as lead guitarist), Robert Cardenas (as bassist), and Claudeous Creamer (as rhythm guitarist).

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