Hear Rammstein’s ‘Du Hast’ Reimagined by Viking Shaman

Till Landemann Flickr
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Rammstein’s music is a lot to take in at once.

When you think of ‘Du Hast’ these days though, the first thing that should come to mind is folk music. Folk metal outfit Skald has put out their latest single deconstructing the Rammstein classic into a Viking folk song.

While it takes a bit of getting used to, this version has the same intensity of the original without the intense guitars.

Outside of the faint sounds of instruments, the vocals carry this version, sounding like a sea shanty that was written thousands of years ago.

Regardless of Till Landemann’s delivery, this new imagining has a different vibe based on sheer vocal power.

Since this one is dominated by vocals, the whole song feels like stumbling into a 16th-century tavern as you drink your mead.

This isn’t Pentatonix meets industrial or anything though.

Even without the keyboards of the original, the band carries the tone of the music with their voices. While the members of Skald wear their folk influences on their sleeves, the vocals have the same intensity as any other power metal vocalist has. Though the licks from the bridge might be missing, you hardly even notice it. 

The fact that Skald can play the song like this convincingly speaks to the quality of the Rammstein classic.

Apart from the iconic opening line, the tune behind everything is good enough to work on its own. It could be chanted by a stadium full of people or crooned by Vikings, but it would still work.

Rammstein’s schtick might be over the top, but the tunes they had don’t need the massive flamethrowers on stage to be iconic.

When the day comes for a metal-themed Viking funeral, this is the first song that should be played when the wake starts. 

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