The 1975 Fan Mixes Up Matt Heafy and Matt Healy, Gets Trivium Cameo Instead

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The 1975 is a pop band that features “Matt Healy,” whereas the metal band Trivium features “Matt Heafy.” Both names are really similar to one another; you got the first name Matt and a last name that starts with the letter “H.”

With both names having a good bit in common with one another, it is understandable that a potential mixup may happen; such a mixup could happen on Cameo (a platform where folks can request personal messages from celebrities). If someone were in a rush and not paying attention, it would be understandable if they mistook “Matt Heafy” for “Matt Healy.”

Well, dear reader, such a mixup did take place.

As reported by Loudwire, a fan of The 1975 (named Colin) was on Cameo looking over potential celebrities to reach out to (in order to request a message for his friend Matthew). While on the platform, they thought they saw that Matt Healy was offering Cameos for $75; they thought that this was such a great steal that they should jump on the opportunity right away.

However, Colin soon came to realize he ordered a Cameo from the wrong celebrity. Colin retold the story over on his TikTok, sharing how he accidentally ended up requesting a Cameo from Matt Heafy of Trivium.

While Colin is embarrassed by his mistake, he is also appreciative of how chill and polite Heafy was in his Cameo.

Sometime after he sent out the Cameo, Heafy learned about the mixup and shared Colin’s TikTok explanation over on his personal Instagram.

You can find Colin’s retelling of the story via the Instagram video player below. Even though the Cameo with Heafy was an accident, the Trivium singer finds humor in the matter.

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