Soulfly’s Max Cavalera Basically ‘Kidnapped Corey Taylor’ for ‘Jumpdaf**kup’

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Years after its release, Soulfly‘s “Jumpdafuckup” remains one of the band’s, and Max Cavalera’s, best songs to date.

Part of that is thanks to Slipknot’s Corey Taylor‘s haunting and ferocious guest vocal spot, which synchronizes perfectly with Cavalera’s grooves and energy.

Turns out, to get that vocal part, Cavalera had to essentially kidnap Taylor to get things done. In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Cavalera and Taylor both recall the conditions of recording the track.

On the song’s initial inception and Cavalera’s request for Taylor to be on the album, Corey said,

“Max’s people hit me up like, ‘do you wanna do a song with Max?'” Taylor said. “Of course I do! What are you, fucking nuts?”

In order to get things done, Cavalera had to time the recording session just right. He recalled how they locked down Taylor, saying,

“Corey was playing in Arizona the week we were in the studio. Me and my friend drove to the venue and they’re just about to soundcheck and I shout, ‘Hey Corey, what’s up! We have to go to the studio and record!'”

Cavalera then adds,

“We pretty much kidnapped him. ‘Fuck your sound check!’ We put him in this piece-of-shit car in the desert.”

Extreme circumstances aside, none of that phased Taylor, who felt the energy of the recording and got way into it, saying

“We got round the mic and sang [Jumpdafuckup] together. Dude, it was one of the best experiences of my life! It was my first real taste of doing something with a peer… Well, not even a peer, but a hero! It was fucking Max Cavalera!”

Hearing “Jumpdafuckup,” Corey Taylor is an essential piece of why the song works so well, and it wouldn’t be the same without his presence. Corey Taylor is no stranger to messed-up recording circumstances, so at least this one was fun.

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