Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Names His Favorite Slayer Album

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Recently, Metal Hammer asked several big-name metal artists what their favorite Slayer song happens to be.

Among the artists asked is that of Slipknot singer Corey Taylor.

Over the course of Slayer’s career, the band released 12 studio albums – which means there are a lot of songs to consider from the band’s catalog when naming a favorite.

Alongside his answer regarding his favorite Slayer song though, the Slipknot frontman also confirms his favorite Slayer album.

For Taylor, his favorite Slayer album is 1988’s South of Heaven; his favorite song from the band is the record’s self-titled track.

Talking about the track, Taylor shares the following:

“It’s my favorite Slayer album and my favorite Slayer song. The way it starts is so epic. It just keeps building towards another intro, ya know?

“You’re ready for it to fucking kick in and it doesn’t; it’s such a dick-tease. It infuriated me the first time I heard it, but then when it does kick in, oh my god! It’s a baseball bat to the face.

“It’s some of my favorite Hanneman/King work, Lombardo‘s fills are so ridiculous, and there’s real venom in Tom‘s voice.

“That shit is insane, you can feel it. To me, it’s not the scariest Slayer song, it’s not one of the fastest, but it sums up Slayer with everything it offers.

“That tension building towards what would then become a crazy onslaught of heavy metal.”

What do you make of Corey Taylor’s favorite Slayer song? Is “South of Heaven” also your favorite track from the band? What do you think of Slayer’s South of Heaven?

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