Sharon Osbourne Saved a Nu Metal Legend from Jail After On-Stage Sex Act at Ozzfest

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In a more fair world, Santa Barbara’s Snot would’ve gone on to become one of the biggest bands of the first wave nu metal era in the 90’s.

Led by their charismatic and uber-talented vocalist, Lynn Strait, the band churned out a phenomenal full-length called Get Some, which landed them a coveted spot on the second stage of Ozzfest in 1998.

Tragically, Strait would die in a car accident just a few months after Ozzfest wrapped, cutting short Snot’s bright future just as they were starting to catch a well-deserved wave.

While only active in the scene for a short while, Lynn still made quite an impact on his musical peers. Soon after his death, a venerable cast of heavy music elite like Max Cavalera, Ozzy Osbourne, Jonathan Davis, and more came together to both grieve his loss and honor his legacy on an album called Srait Up.

Many of those friendships were forged on Snot’s wild Ozzfest run, with one particularly wild public sex event during Limp Bizkit’s set that summer forever part of Strait’s legacy and lore.

Interestingly enough, though, the real hero of the story is Sharon Osbourne herself. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, here’s Snot guitarist Mikey Doling (as transcribed by The Pit) recounting what happened:

“So Lynn [Strait] had this bright idea that he would try to get some attention to Snot, because we just weren’t getting the attention that we wanted. We were on the second stage [at Ozzfest], but then you had Limp Bizkit and all these other big bands on the main stage.

So Lynn’s like how am I gonna get some attention? What he did was – Limp Bizkit had this 13-foot high toilet as a prop on their stage every day and what Fred [Durst] would do- they had some stairs that would walk him [Fred] up through the toilet bowl and he could stand on this giant toilet bowl rim and he could flush Britney Spears down the toilet, Hansen, The President, etc.

So Lynn had a bright idea… I’m front row watching Limp Bizkit, and all of a sudden out of the toilet comes Lynn Strait, no shirt on, giant Snot sticker across his whole chest!

He comes all the way out and he’s got that chick- the one who’s dealing out blow jobs on the tour, with a doggy chain around her neck. He pulls her up on the toilet rim and he’s butt naked bro. Lynn’s totally naked and she blew him in front of 22,000 people!


So the police and the security come running out on the stage, and Lynn runs down the back… gets his clothes and runs backstage into Ozzy Osbourne’s dressing room and locks the door behind him!

So now we got security and maybe some police banging on Ozzy Osbourne’s door and Lynn’s in there with Sharon Osbourne, butt naked, and Kelly and Jack [Osbourne] are like babies at the time, eight and thirteen [years old] or something like that.

And Lynn walked in there butt naked, dick out and all ‘sorry sorry sorry, the cops are after me.’ He’s getting dressed, you know and actually, Sharon was real cool about it and says she’ll come out, and [she] talked to the police and negotiated a little peaceful moment.

Lynn then came out and they took him to a makeshift jail on the property…  it’s a festival so they have a little area that they made a jail out of, right? It was just on the side of the stage. There was a fence and you can open it and you go in the side there and then they have a little walkway and they actually have a little table police where they write your ticket or whatever and take a photo of you and let you go!”

Pretty wild story. Sharon Osbourne often gets a bad rap, but you have to respect the fact that she clearly looked out for the artists on her tours, treating them like part of the family without questions. Most mothers would simply NOT come to the aid of a man who just got a blowjob on a life-sized toilet bowl in front of 22,000 people, asking for help fully naked while their young children looked on. But most mothers are not Sharon Osbourne.

You can watch Mikey of Snot recall more to the story below, and beneath that- please- if you’re not familiar, listen to Snot immediately. Rest in Power, Lynn.