Robb Flynn Defends Machine Head’s Nu Metal Album

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Back in the ’90s, Machine Head decided to venture into the world of nu metal and rap metal with their record The Burning Red.

While both genres saw much success during this time in music history, there were metalheads who were not too fond of Machine Head’s musical direction.

Recently talking to Metal Hammer, Machine Head guitarist and singer Robb Flynn reflects on the release of The Burning Red and defends it.

Flynn says: “The Burning Red didn’t sell half a million copies because people hated it! There were a lot of motherfuckers lying about not getting that record.”

Flynn continues, talking about how Machine Head ventured further into the world of rap, mentioning how they covered the iconic song “Colors” by Ice-T.

“I was throwing Method Man raps into A Thousand Lies on the Burn My Eyes tour. We were covering Colors by Ice-T, but suddenly people were saying we ‘got into hip-hop’ on The Burning Red. The Davidian video is a rap video, we’re walking down the streets with pitbulls, for Christ’s sake!

“I never understood that criticism. I think those The Burning Red songs stood the test of time. Our mistake was making that video – it was corny as fuck!”

What do you think of The Burning Red all these years later? Do you think it deserves more love?

When it comes to other stories involving the Machine Head frontman… did you know he OD’d the night he signed his “Burn My Eyes” label deal? Though Flynn survived his OD, the experience was deeply scary.

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