Refused Members Announce Anti-Fascist + Anti-Racist Jazz-Death Metal Band

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Refused have always been vocal about their socio-political beliefs. Throughout their career – having formed in 1991 – the hardcore punk act has presented a tremendous wealth of songs that embrace and express values associated with anarchism, socialism, and far-left ideologies.

At the time of this writing the band has released five studio albums; their most recent record is 2019’s War Music.

However, Refused is looking to expand upon its artistry, and has recently announced a new and fascinating metal project.

Over on the Refused Instagram account, the band has announced a new jazz-death metal project called Backengrillen.

This project will feature Refused members Dennis Lyxzén (vocalist), David Sandström (drummer), Magnus Flagge (bassist), as well as the “free jazz genius” Mats-olof Gustafsson.

Backengrillen will also be a very politically vocal band, focusing on lyrics that express anti-racist and anti-fascist sentiments.

Per the Refused’s Instagram post, they share the following:

“New band alert: Backengrillen. @dennislyxzen @durasduras and Magnus started a new band with free jazz genius @matsgustafssonsax
It’s anti-racist, anti-fascist free form death jazz and you can see them live.”

The post also contains music from this new project; though this is just a small sampling, the music of Backengrillen sounds incredibly promising.

Tour dates have also been provided regarding this band’s first few performances. Those tour dates and locations are as follows:

  • 25/1 Stockholm – Fashing
    26/1 Uppsala – Uppsala Konstmuseum
    27/1 Göteborg – Folkteatern
    28/1 Örebro- Kvarteret & Co

If you are interested in hearing a small taste of what Backengrillen will sound like, check out the Instagram post below. How excited are you to hear a full release from this new band?

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