Phil Anselmo’s Favorite Pantera Album May Surprise You

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Over the course of his career in Pantera, band vocalist Phil Anselmo has helped to create six albums.

He made his studio debut with the band on their record Power Metal, and at the time of this writing, his latest record with Pantera is 2000’s Reinventing the Steel.

During a past conversation with Revolver, Anselmo was asked to rank all of the Pantera albums he worked on from worst to best; over the course of roughly two minutes, Anselmo was able to put together his personal worst-to-best list.

When it comes to the Pantera album he personally likes the most… you might be quite surprised.

Per that past conversation, Anselmo provided the following ranking:

  • 6. Power Metal
    5. Cowboys From Hell
    4. Vulgar Display of Power
    3. The Great Southern Trendkill
    2. Far Beyond Driven
    1.  Reinventing the Steel

There you have it, folks, Anselmo’s favorite Pantera album is none other than 2000’s Reinventing the Steel.

At the time of this writing, Reinventing the Steel is the band’s latest studio album (unless they decide to create another record). What are your thoughts on this Pantera album?

Below you will find the video where Anselmo ranks the Pantera albums he worked on. What is your favorite Pantera album?

Last year, The Pit put together a ranking of Pantera’s albums from worst to best. Below are some thoughts regarding Reinventing the Steel, but if you want to see where that record is ranked, follow the link below to view the full feature.

“The last Pantera album was released in 2000, and while it features the band’s thrilling instrumentation, it lacks the creativity and excitement that previous Pantera albums provide. There are some amazing bangers on here of course, but as a whole experience, Reinventing the Steel is missing a level of aggression and intricate technicality that sounded fresher in previous releases.”

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