Type O Negative Frontman Peter Steele’s One Condition For Infamous Playgirl Shoot

Playgirl (1995)
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At one point during his career as the frontman for the legendary goth metal act Type O Negative, the late Peter Steele modeled for Playgirl magazine.

Steele was invited to take part in a 1995 photoshoot with the porn magazine, with said photos providing a very revealing look at the Type O Negative singer.

During a past interview with Metal Hammer, the late frontman was asked about this photo shoot with Playgirl and if he regrets it.

In reflecting on his experience, Steele revealed that he had one condition that had to be met in order to take part in the photo shoot. Per Steele:

“Yeah. It made me look arrogant. But I thought the whole thing was a joke. They sent me some past issues and I told them I would do it under one condition: my dick had to be hard. All the others were flaccid. The woman from Playgirl said, ‘Do you really think you can do it erect?’ I said, ‘You bring the cheque and keep your end up, I’ll keep mine.’”

The late Type O Negative singer was then asked how much he got paid for the Playgirl photo shoot, to which he said:

“$2,000. At the time it wasn’t a lot. The whole thing was fucking stupid. Back then, I was engaged to the woman I’ve been talking about – how on earth was I going to fucking tell her?

“When the issue came out, my sisters discovered it in a candy store on the subway. They brought it home and showed my mother, whose comment was: ‘That’s why I named him Peter’ [which is derived from the Greek word petros, meaning ‘stone’]. At least she had a sense of humour.”

Copies of the Playgirl issue that Steele was part of are currently up on eBay, with the lowest asking price starting at $2000.

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