‘No one’s getting hurt on our f’ing watch’: Trivium Scolds Security Repeatedly At Copenhagen Show

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During a recent live performance in Copenhagen, Trivium‘s Matt Heafy ended up taking on an additional role alongside being a singer and guitarist: security instructor.

Per footage uploaded to the Trivium singer’s Instagram account, you will see the band is performing for the Copenhagen audience. Everyone is having a good time, and eventually, you start to see some action near the barricade.

This catches the attention of Heafy and Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto. Heafy then requests for the band to cut the music and starts scolding security.

He instructs the security guards to properly be prepared for crowd surfers making their way to the stage.

The band goes back to performing, thinking that everything is all set now with security; however, Heafy ends up cutting the band’s performance once again, scolding the security guards and asking them to be more vigilant in watching over the audience.

He expresses how two security guards should be prepared for each crowd surfer, and that more guards should be available to help out.

Among the other comments he expressed, the Trivium frontman made the following clear:

“No one’s getting hurt on our fucking watch.”

Regarding the Instagram video that Heafy uploaded, he provides the following caption:

“I had to teach the Copenhagen security guards how to do their job. While doing my job. 0/10 ‘security’ 0/10. Crowd? 10/10!”

You can find footage of this incident via the video player below. It is super cool of Heafy to be looking out for his fans and making sure they are having a good time. He has always been a frontman who has his audience’s safety in mind, being vocal during live shows if he sees something going on in the pit.

Below you will find a link to another video involving Matt Heafy watching out for crowd surfers.

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