Nicolas Cage Reveals How Dave Mustaine + Axl Rose Influence His Acting

Dave Mustaine Photo by Keith Griner/Getty Images / Nicolas Cage Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images / Axl Rose Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach
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Nicolas Cage is one of the most captivating actors working in Hollywood. His filmography is nothing short of impressive, for the guy provides a phenomenal performance no matter what film he is starring in.

Some folks may already know this, but Cage’s son (Weston) has performed in a black metal band; and just like his kid, Cage is also a fan of metal.

Per a recent interview with Metal Hammer, the actor talks about his relationship with the genre. Among the topics discussed, Cage reveals that two prominent metal singers have influenced how he approaches his own vocal performances while acting.

If you have seen your fair share of Cage’s movies, then you are aware of how the actor has a dramatic flair of sorts when it comes to how he talks. Well apparently, this approach to vocalization is influenced by the likes of Megadeth singer Dave Mustaine and Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose.

Regarding the role music plays in his craft, and speaking about Mustaine and Rose’s influence on him, Cage shares the following:

“For me, all art is inspired by music on some level. Even when I come up with ways of speaking dialogue it has a musical intent to it.

“There’s one example in Mandy where I say, ‘Did you rip my shirt?’ I knew I was going to go there with the melody and vocalisation, and even though I’m a ‘film person’ and not a singer, I can still hear some of the dialogue as if I’m singing, almost like a metal singer.

“To me, the voice is very gravelly and goes almost operatic, from a growl to a scream, which is metal all over.

“I think there is some influence there, from Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, or sometimes Axl Rose’s vocalisations come into the process by virtue of osmosis, by being around it.”

Damn, who would have thought? Cage is an absolute badass, and it’s awesome to learn how the likes of Mustaine and Rose have shaped his acting. What is your favorite movie that Cage has been in?

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