Monuments Singer Says There’s Nothing ‘Cool Anymore’ About Being In a Metal Band

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Vocalist of the progressive metal band Monuments, Andy Cziek, has posted a tweet that has gotten some really divisive replies.

Taking to Twitter to vent his frustrations, the Monuments singer expressed how he feels it is “pretty stupid” to be in a band. More specifically, he spoke about how “the culture” of metal is “embarrassing” and “nothing about it is cool anymore.”

Here is everything that Cziek shared in his tweet:

“being in a band feels pretty stupid now. the culture is embarrassing and nothing about it is cool anymore. make almost no money and half my old heroes are disgraced perverts. I’ve worked my whole life for this and all I feel is ashamed, broken down and obsolete. barely hanging on”

In reply to this tweet, folks have been either very supportive of Cziek’s points, or have expressed how turned off they are by said points.

Among the sentiments expressed by those who are put off by Cziek’s feelings, there are those who feel that the act of creating music should be the most important point – not putting emphasis on culture.

Per one Twitter user: “just make music cause you’re gonna die tomorrow; who gives a shit about it being ‘cool'”

In defense of Cziek, one Twitter user quote re-tweeted: “andy’s getting at something very important here, which is the effect of late stage capitalism on the music industry: record labels no longer make money off record sales and venues no longer make money off hosting shows and musicians no longer make money playing gigs”

Other individuals who came to Cziek’s defense are Jamey Jasta and Craig Reynolds of Stray From The Path. Where do you stand on this topic?