Meet the Band Sid Wilson + Ross Robinson Are Dubbing Slipknot Torchbearers

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Many bands have tried to capture what Slipknot did on their first LP but few have succeeded.

Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson and producer Ross Robinson however are backing a new band as the second coming of that energy; the mysterious Swollen Teeth.

Revolver Magazine published a massive feature on the new band, and they’ve released their first single “SWOLLENTEETH.” It’s easy to see how the band captured the interest of the team: bringing a mix of mystery and heaviness to their debut. The band is masked and totally anonymous, which creates an aesthetic extremely reminiscent of Slipknot.

According to the interview, Sid Wilson is acting as the band’s “creative director,” helping the group cultivate a similar mystery to what he was doing with Slipknot early on as well as helping to produce the band.

The interview also dives into how Wilson found the band, saying he originally found them on Instagram,

“I just found these guys on Instagram. I’m a hound dog for music, and waves. I just study everything that everyone’s doing. I check out what the waves are, and I do my own equations by adding and multiplying all these different groups and sounds together, so that I can see ahead of the curve and see what the next thing is going to happen. Because I have a really good knack for seeing what the evolution of things is going to be.”

Wilson also says he sees them being the first band to get it right as it pertains to Slipknot’s intensity.

“That being said, I’ve never seen what the next evolution of Slipknot was going to be. I hadn’t seen another metal band that really got it, who understood what needed to be done to get a vibe and a product like what we had when we first came out.”

“And when I came across these guys, it was like a snake bit me. I could feel it running through my veins and I was like, What the fuck is this? It was a mix of emotions. There was excitement, but there was also jealousy in there. Like, who are these guys, and what gives them the right? There was excitement, too. Like, whoa, I’m going to hear something new and different.”

Check out the video for “SWOLLENTEETH” below, and head to Revolver to read the interview in its entirety.

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