Matt Heafy Once Gifted a Local UPS Hero a Guitar

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Today is Trivium singer and guitarist Matt Heafy‘s birthday; he has turned 37 years old.

As many in the metal world know, Heafy is one of the most wholesome and lovely individuals in the metal community. Not only does he shout out and help out smaller bands in the scene, but he is always expressing and promoting positivity.

In fact, Heafy is such a cool dude that, back in the day, he provided a super thoughtful gift to a UPS delivery guy.

As reported by Kerrang!, UPS driver Hector Velasco caught the attention of actor and talk show host Drew Barrymore. Apparently, Velasco came across a young kid who was feeling quite down and who would get excited when something like the garbage or UPS truck would come by.

In an effort to cheer the kid up, Velasco randomly gifted him a box full of Hot Wheels and other toys. The kid and his family were overjoyed by this wonderful gesture and expressed to Barrymore how much they appreciate Velasco.

Well Barrymore thought that Velasco deserved to be recognized for his kindness, so she and her team reached out to Heafy and arranged for the Trivium frontman to send Velasco a special gift – a Gibson Les Paul.

Barrymore featured Velasco on her talk show, and during his video appearance, she surprised him with a message from Heafy. Per Heafy, he shared the following with Velasco:

“Hey Hector, it’s Matt Heafy, singer and guitar player of the multi-platinum metal band Trivium. Drew told me you love blasting our music while you’re out delivering in your community, so Drew and I got together to put together a special surprise for you.

“It’s something a little bit like this thing right here, a Gibson Les Paul in ebony. This is the one I use, yours is going to look pretty much like this. I’ve been using these things for a couple years, I hope you love it as much as I do!”

How incredibly wholesome is that? Below is a video that features Velasco’s story and the message that Heafy sent him.

Happy Birthday Mr. Heafy, may you have a wonderful day.

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