Mark Tremonti Is Confident a Creed Reunion Will Happen

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When talking about big bands that blew up in the ’90s, you have to mention Creed.

Having formed in 1994, the band would end up releasing their debut studio album, titled My Own Prison, in 1997; however, it is their second studio album, 1999’s Human Clay, that really caught the attention of the mainstream.

Thanks to mega-hits like “Higher” and “With Arms Wide Open,” the band gained an immense boost in popularity. In fact, Human Clay has hit Diamond status (selling over 10 million copies).

However, even with this success, Creed went on a hiatus in 2004, only to reunite in 2009 and then go on hiatus once again in 2019. At the time of this writing, the band’s most recent album is 2019’s Full Circle.

During a recent conversation with Audio Ink Radio‘s Anne Erickson, Alter Bridge and ex-Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti was asked about the idea of there being a band reunion.

Per Tremonti’s reply, he is confident that a reunion will take. Here is everything the guitarist had to say:

“There’s always talks and people running ideas back and forth, but we don’t know as of yet, because we’re so in the deep with this Alter Bridge record that’s it’s tough to get side tracked right now.”

Tremonti goes on to add, “I’m sure something will happen at some point. Creed was such a popular band back in the day, it would be a shame to not do something with it. I know there’s still tons of fans out there that would appreciate it, so it’s just a matter of timing.”

Would you be excited to see the band reunite? Would you attend one of their live shows? Via the video player below, you can check out the full interview featuring the Alter Bridge guitarist. You will also find links to other stories related to Tremonti.

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