Linkin Park Launch Cryptic New Website

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It has been a little under six years since Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington tragically passed away; Bennington died on July 20th, 2017, and his death was ruled as suicide.

Earlier that year, the band had released their seventh studio album, One More Light. While the record was quite the departure from the band’s metal sound, it provided a rich emotional experience (which has taken on a much deeper melancholic presence since Bennington’s death).

Devastated by the loss of Bennington, Linkin Park entered into a hiatus.

Back in April of 2022, Mike Shinoda shared that the band was not working on any new music or album, and there were no plans for touring. From the outside, it would be understandable if Linkin Park were to officially retire, not wanting to replace Bennington with another singer.

However, as of today, something is stirring within the Linkin Park camp.

The band has launched a cryptic new website. When you visit the site, you will see a button offering to download a free version of “Numb” (the band’s 2003 mega single). By clicking on this link, the page turns blue and provides the line:


A timer also appears (which, at the time of this writing, is counting down to something five days from now).

What could this all possibly mean? Shinoda’s comments about the band not working on any new music are barely a year old… but could the band have changed their mind?

Clearly, a big hint involves the band’s song “Numb,” for there is explicit mention of the track. Could there be some kind of special reissue taking place involving the song, or the album Meteora?

What do you think could be happening with the band? To check out this new cryptic Linkin Park website for yourself, follow this link here.

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