Limp Bizkit Covering ‘Master of Puppets’ is Shockingly Great

Fred Durst Photo by Peter Pakvis/Redferns. James photo by Vikki_x3 via fan pop
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The members of Limp Bizkit have never been shy about their musical influences, having covered everyone from TOOL to Nirvana over the years.

And while the gentleman of Limp Bizkit are all perfectly capable and talented musicians, the quality of their covers usually leave a lot to be desired to the human ear.

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The reality is that classic metal and grunge songs wrung through the sonic filter of Fred Durst’s voice just always sound a bit, well, goofy.

Every so often, though, Mr. Durst is self-aware enough of this to concede the mic. Back in 2001 at their Rock im Park festival set in Nuremberg, Germany, Limp Bizkit actually smashed out a version of Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ that very much does not suck.

Why is that exactly? Well, guitarist Wes Borland handled vocal duties on this one while Durst, quite literally, sat it out on stage.

In the clip below, Borland and drummer John Otto rip out a screamy and heavy version of Puppets that does not disappoint. Interestingly enough, this would be one of Borland’s last shows with Limp Bizkit before quitting for a spell.

What caused the seemingly impromptu cover? Apparently, Kid Rock. In the clip, Fred Durst says: “Hey Wes, you might as well, since Kid Rock did, play some Metallica. Ladies and gentlemen, of Germany, can you hear me? Wes Borland.”

Presumably, Kid Rock tried his own hand at a Metallica cover that either irked (or inspired) the Bizkits into having their own go.

Anyways, give it a watch below and let us know what you think over on our social media pages.

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