Limp Bizkit Almost Drove Kerry King To Quit Music

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Limp Bizkit is one hell of a divisive band, to say the least. That said, to this day, the band still has one hell of a loyal and dedicated fan following.

However, there are some folks who just cannot stand the band, one of those individuals being ex-Slayer guitarist Kerry King.

And it isn’t just that King isn’t a fan of the band… he used to be so bothered by the nu metal band’s popularity that he almost considered giving up on his music career because of them.

At one point in a past UDiscover feature titled “Spreading The Disease: An Oral History Of Thrash Metal,” King spoke about how badly Limp Bizkit got under his skin.

Per the ex-Slayer guitarist’s own words, he said the following about how much Limp Bizkit bothered him:

“I was really jaded for a while back in the late 90s. I couldn’t understand why Limp Bizkit was big. It affected me – I didn’t want to play music. I thought, if this is the way that music’s going, then f__k this, I hate it. That’s why Jeff Hanneman wrote so much of our 1998 album Diabolus In Musica, which is too funky for me.”

That is fucking intense. To dislike someone’s music is one thing, but to loathe that music so much that it gets you to consider ending your own career? Holy shit.

What do you make of King’s past feelings about Limp Bizkit? Could he still feel this way about the nu metal band today?

In other news related to the guitarist, King recently reflected upon Slayer calling it quits; specifically, he speaks to how he felt when the band first started talking about ending their career (which would be a couple of decades after the ’90s nu metal boom). The link to that story can be found below.

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