Iggy Pop Says He Was Once Asked If He’d Be Interested In Joining AC/DC

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As reported by The New York Times, punk rock icon Iggy Pop says that, some time ago, a manager approached him and asked if he would be interested in joining AC/DC.

Per Iggy, a manager associated with AC/DC had reached out to him and shared that they were looking for a singer.

Pop says that this interaction took place “many years ago,” but no specific date was provided.

Speaking to that conversation, Iggy shares the following (all of the following quotes have been transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“They had a manager many years ago, when I hadn’t reformed The Stooges, I hadn’t moved to England. And this guy said, ‘Are you interested in joining AC/DC?’ They were looking for a singer.”

However, Iggy didn’t think he was a good fit for the band. Continuing the story, Iggy Pop says:

“I listened to their record. I thought, I can’t fit that bill,” he said. “I wasn’t, like, ‘Ugh, I don’t like them.’ It was quite well made. They do careful work, but I’m not what they needed.”

Could you imagine Iggy Pop fronting AC/DC? That sounds pretty damn cool.

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