Iggy Pop: Guns N’ Roses’ Slash and Duff Showed Up to Record With ‘A Gallon of Vodka and Bowl of Blow’

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Back in 1990, Iggy Pop released his ninth studio album, titled Brick by Brick. In creating that record, Pop was joined by Guns N’ Roses members Slash and Duff McKagan, who both worked as songwriters and performers on the album.

Talking to Classic Rock recently, Pop reflects on and shares some wild insights into working with the Guns N’ Roses members. At one point, Pop mentions that the Guns N’ Roses members brought over a “gallon of vodka and a bowl of blow.”

Reflecting on his relationship with the Guns N’ Roses bassist and guitarist, Pop shares:

“I’ve known Duff since he was in his early twenties. Both he and Slash worked on [Iggy’s 1990 album] Brick By Brick. I used to go over to Duff’s house – at the time he was trying to decide between the Playboy model he was dating and the weather girl – and rehearse.

“One time Slash was three hours late because, he said, ‘I’m sorry but my snake escaped into the wall’.”

The three artists had one hell of a time creating music together. Speaking to how wild things would get, the Godfather of Punk shares:

“Before we set to work they said: ‘We’ll have to have a discussion before we start.’ So they arrived with a gallon of vodka and a bowl of blow and, as a result of living through that, I got to know them pretty well.”

Holy shit… a gallon of vodka and a bowl of blow… how the hell does one get any work done?

Are you a fan of Pop’s Brick by Brick? What are your thoughts on the album?

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